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Detailed information about each of the projects

Detailed information about each of the projects

We are well aware that business angels in Latvia and other countries particularly value comprehensive, but at the same time, specific, concise and clearly structured information about the relevant investment projects. Taking this into account, we also scrupulously approach the description of each project, so that not only the Baltic business angels, but also all the investors of the CrowdedHero angel league, can promptly familiarize themselves with each of the investment projects on our platform.

The descriptions contain the following information:

  • Company rating, required and collected amount of money, equity, price of one share, current number of investors;
  • Minimum investment amount;
  • Basic information about the company (name, registration number, industry, website);
  • Success and risk factors;
  • Business description;
  • A concise description of the team or company employees;
  • Documents (information available by logging into the platform);
  • Forum (information available by signing in to the platform);
  • Shares (information available when logging into the platform.

Not only Baltic investors and Latvian business angels can access the relevant information, but every person who has decided to become an investor in one of the projects on the CrowdedHero platform and is registered.

Want a more detailed answer to the question of who is an investor and what benefits do business angels in the CrowdedHero Angel League receive? Contact us and get all the answers you need!

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