Sharia Compliant Investing in EU: CrowdedHero’s Ethical Equity-Based Offerings

24 May 2024

CrowdedHero offers a diverse range of investment opportunities in the EU, specifically focusing on equity-based products that comply with Sukuk principles. By ensuring that these investments are asset-backed and do not involve interest, CrowdedHero aligns with the key aspects of Sharia-compliant financing.


Deepening Understanding of Sukuk and Its Principles

Sukuk, often referred to as "Islamic bonds," are financial certificates that represent a proportionate interest in an underlying asset. Unlike traditional bonds that promise interest payments, Sukuk involve a direct investment into an asset and returns are shared from the profits generated by that asset. This structure ensures compliance with Sharia law, which prohibits riba (interest) and emphasizes investments in activities that provide tangible value and ethical impact. Our equity-based products are designed to reflect these principles by providing investors with opportunities to invest directly in businesses and projects with clear economic activities and asset backing.


Explore Diverse Investment Opportunities

CrowdedHero is proud to offer projects that deliver not only financial returns but also significant social impact:


  • Turf Gamechanger (Finland): This project is revolutionizing golf course maintenance by introducing eco-friendly and technologically advanced methods that significantly reduce environmental impact. Turf Gamechanger aims to set new environmental standards in the golf industry by improving the sustainability of course maintenance. More about Turf Gamechanger.
  • ITERcare (Portugal): ITERcare is transforming healthcare delivery by enhancing the connectivity between patients and healthcare providers. This project facilitates better management of health data, leading to improved health outcomes and more efficient care delivery. More about ITERcare.
  • Wandoo Finance (Latvia, Poland, Spain, Romania): Specializing in consumer finance, Wandoo Finance operates with a commitment to transparency and ethical lending practices. By providing fair and accessible financial services, Wandoo Finance helps to improve the financial well-being of its customers. More about Wandoo Finance.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

Licensed and supervised by the Bank of Latvia, CrowdedHero provides a secure platform for global investors to participate in EU-based projects that meet both international standards and Sharia compliance.


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By investing with CrowdedHero, you contribute to sustainable prosperity and ethical development. Visit to discover how you can make an impact through Sharia-compliant investments.


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