Smart Cooling™ Secures €600K Investment through CrowdedHero for Sustainable Cooling Revolution

13 February 2024

Smart Cooling™, a company from Latvia, has become a key name in making cooling systems that save energy and help the environment. It has just got a big investment of €600,000 from private investors using CrowdedHero. This shows people believe in Smart Cooling™ and its eco-friendly cooling systems.

About Smart Cooling™
Smart Cooling™ makes special cooling systems called adiabatic pre-cooling. These systems are better because they use less electricity and make cooling units work better. Smart Cooling™ is known all over the world, with more than 1000 systems set up in over 20 countries.

Why Smart Cooling™ Stands Out

  • Innovation: Smart Cooling™ is all about new cooling methods that use less power and provide better cooling.
  • Global Trust: Many countries and over 200 projects have used Smart Cooling™ because it works well and saves energy.
  • Saving Energy: Their system can save up to 48% of energy, which is very good for places that need a lot of cooling.
  • Successful Funding: Getting €600K from investors shows that people believe in Smart Cooling™ and its future.

Making a Difference in Europe and Beyond
The money Smart Cooling™ got will help it grow and bring its eco-friendly cooling to more places in Europe and globally. This is good for the planet because it means less energy use and less pollution.

Looking Forward
Smart Cooling™'s story of getting a big investment is a sign that more people want green and sustainable technology. It's important for businesses and governments to support these kinds of innovations that make our world better.

Be Part of the Change
Smart Cooling™ is working on making our future cooler and more sustainable. You can learn more about Smart Cooling™ and how you might support or use this technology. Check out CrowdedHero for information on investing in projects like Smart Cooling™.

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