An Overview of CrowdedHero in blogosphere of Spain

12 February 2024

In a recent podcast by, CrowdedHero's unique approach in the equity crowdfunding field was discussed. This platform stands out for choosing mature, stable companies to invest in. This strategy offers investors both safety and potential profits.

"What does it present? That it is different from what we are used to in the sector, moving away from just blindly investing in startups and focusing on a handful of quality, mature and growing companies, with positive cash flow and a commitment to dividend payouts or recurring income."

CrowdedHero's method carefully balances the potential profits against risks. This makes investments safer compared to other platforms that might chase higher returns with startups.

"Security, crowd equity investments as a counterpart to their very high potential return. They tend to have a very high implicit risk as well. Obviously, in CrowdedHero this investment risk is still present, but again, thanks to its focus on solid growth companies, the risk-return curve tends to be in a lower risk quadrant, probably sacrificing some maximum potential return compared to other pure equity crowdfunding platforms focused on startups such as Cube, Seedrs, etc."

A notable feature is CrowdedHero's secondary market, providing a way for investors to sell their shares, enhancing liquidity.

"Although equity crowdfunding investments are inherently illiquid, we often have to wait several years for the buyout or IPO of the companies we have invested in. CrowdedHero has a developed secondary market board function, which is an important liquidity tool."

Lastly, CrowdedHero is praised for its customer service, reflecting the team's quality and dedication.

"CrowdedHero is a platform that stands out for the quality of the team behind it and this can be seen specifically in an area as important as the Customer Service."

You can listen whole podcast in spanish here.

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